Tooska Tribe

Tooska Tribe

Past and Future

Tooska Tribe1 has been a troll-only RP guild for World of Warcraft since the public launch in November 2004. Tooska Tribe developed a unique trollish subculture for the guild, including a distinctive language, Tuska Tak, used in game by guild members, as well as other creative content in other areas of troll culture, such as history, culture and religion.

The guild played on the Bleeding Hollow server from Nov 2004 until September 2005, when it switched to one of the new RP-PvP server: Maelstrom.

Tooska Tribe started as the wandering, broken remnants of a once great tribe, struggling to find its scattered members, and to find a new place in a hostile world. Over the past five years, the has begun to re-establish itself as a growing, if small, society. The tribe is now preparing, along with the Darkspear, the early stages of an assault on Zalazane's forces in the Echo Isles, to re-capture, if not our original homeland, at least A homeland. When the Echo Isles are re-captured, and the tribe finally has a place to call home, along with the allied Darkspear Tribe, the tribe can settle down.

The restless heroes of the tribe, having grown used to mercenary work while trying to support the small tribe, are laying plans to form an elite mercenary organization to bring in resources to support the home tribe: the Tooska Foreign Legion. This Legion will be lead by the heroes of the tribe, but will also have some non-Tooska, and even non-Troll members, close allies of the tribe from our stuggles over the recent years.

In game terms, with the release of the guild advancement system, the Tooska Tribe guild will be retired as a guild for active players (though not disbanded), and a new guild will be formed, Tooska Foreign Legion. Most active members of the Tooska Tribe will move to the Tooska Foreign Legion guild, along with characters from our allied guilds for non-Troll characters, notably Wintermane Clan and Clan Destine. This will allow us to provide an RP framework, in which we can make fuller use of the guild advancement system, while (and specifically, avoiding the inappropriateness of bringing non-Trolls into the "Tribe" itself).

1: aka Tuska Chraib, Tuska Tribe, TooSka Tribe, or Too'Ska Tribe

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